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"Life is the most difficult exam. Most people fail because they try to copy others, not knowing that everyone has a different question paper." That is my favourite quote which has helped me to endure the criticism I have received whenever I tell people that I dropped out of university and have no intention of going back unless to receive an honorary doctorate.

I have nothing against a university degree. In fact, I wish I had acquired one in my early twenties when I still had the verve and vitality of a teenager. But a combination of poor decisions and bad luck conspired to rob me an opportunity to acquire a university degree.

At this juncture of my life as a 28 year old, my question paper isn't asking me to matriculate at university. I am not enthusiastic about going back to the lifestyle I experienced in my short stint at two universities: attending lectures some of which were boring, copy-pasting assignments from the internet, photocopying lecture notes with countless grammatical errors, cramming for exams only to forget the knowledge after the tests, hanging out with students who aren't passionate about their studies, and so on and so forth.

Aware that life is short and precious, I resolved a year ago never to spend hours and hours of my life reading something that is not entertaining, enlightening or inspiring. Going back to university would be going contrary to that resolution because I will be forced to read texts of which I have no interest.

So what does my life question paper say I do at this juncture of my life? It says that I continue honing my talents in writing, public speaking, socializing, composing songs, designing websites, gardening and cooking.

It says that I work on my magnetism so that I radiate confidence and cheerfulness wherever I go. It says that I learn to handle criticism, disappointments and discouragements with grace. It says that I practice gratitude, a virtue that is on everybody's lips but in a few people's practice. So help me God.

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About the Author

Name: Thuita J. Maina
Nationality: Kenyan
From: Kiserian, Rift Valley, Kenya
Mission: To be a cheerful, discerning man of integrity

Author's Note

Learning to treat life as a journey, not a destination. As such, I'm trying to enjoy each day whatever it brings. Much as I'd love to meet my soul-mate, travel abroad and fulfill my dreams, I'm striving to enjoy every moment. Tomorrow may never be mine.


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