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An Honest Appeal!

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History is a fascinating subject whose only great error is attributing every great achievement to one individual who actually required the assistance of many people to achieve his dream. This Reflections of a Young Man™ website is a dream come true for me and if it ever goes into the annals of history as a great achievement, I want the following be known to have assisted me accomplish my dream:
  • All people, living and dead, whose labours have made my life easier
  • My wonderful parents who have provided me with my needs thus giving me time to work on this website
  • My siblings (Joe, Bob, Paddy & Symo) whose companionship has impacted my life marvellously
  • My readers whose compliments and criticism have molded me into a better writer
  • for its reliable and affordable internet services
  • for its world-class web-hosting services
  • for designing the web layout I used free-of-charge in the development of this website
  • where I source images in this website apart from the few that belong to me, my friends or some other specified organization
  • that hosts all the images I use in the stories of this website
  • where I have turned for help in the design and development of this website
  • that I use to share my stories on three of my social media accounts
  • without which I would never have known those helpful sites and many other important details
  • My future wife and unborn kids who motivate me to keep working hard in life with integrity
  • And the Almighty God whose grace has helped me endure the endless frustrations in the setting and running of this website
Thank you all so much. I will endeavor to reciprocate those blessings by regularly posting contents of the highest possible standards that will shape the Earth into a more informed, peaceful and habitable planet.


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