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I am always endeavoring to post entertaining, enlightening and inspiring stories in this website of mine. Please take a few minutes today to tell me whether I am living upto my expectations and yours as well. Like which stories have you liked most here? Which have you disliked and why? And would you be glad to hear from me everyday? Just click here to offer your feedback now. Thanks.



History is a fascinating subject whose only great error is attributing every great achievement to one individual who actually required the assistance of many people to achieve his dream. This Reflections of a Young Man™ website is a dream come true for me and if it ever goes into the annals of history as a great achievement, I want the following be known to have assisted me accomplish my dream:
  • My wonderful parents who have provided me with my needs thus giving me time to work on this website
  • My siblings (Joe, Bob, Paddy & Symo) whose companionship has impacted my life marvellously
  • My readers whose compliments and criticism have molded me into a better writer
  • for its reliable and affordable internet services
  • for its excellent web-hosting services
  • for designing the web layout I used free-of-charge in the development of this website
  • where I source images in this website apart from the few that belong to me, my friends or some other specified organization
  • that hosts all the images I use in the stories of this website
  • where I have turned for help in the design and development of this website
  • that I use to share my stories on all of my four social media accounts
  • without which I would never have known those helpful sites and many other important details
  • My future wife and unborn kids who motivate me to keep working hard in life with integrity
  • And the Almighty God whose grace has helped me endure the endless frustrations in the setting and running of this website
Thank you all so much. I will endeavor to reciprocate those blessings by regularly posting contents of the highest possible standards that will shape the earth into a more informed, peaceful and habitable planet.


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Name: Thuita J. Maina
Nationality: Kenyan
From: Kiserian, Rift Valley, Kenya
Mission: To be a cheerful and a discerning man of integrity

Author's Note

I am learning to treat life as a journey, not a destination. So I am trying to enjoy each day as I anticipate to fulfill my dreams especially meeting my soul-mate and traveling abroad. Tomorrow may never be mine.