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31 Lessons Learnt As I Turn 31

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Whoopee! It's my birthday today; I am turning 31! I can't believe more than 18 years have passed since the late '90s when I used to celebrate my birthday by baking cakes with my siblings late into the night as we ushered the New Year. Time flies for shizzle.

And because time flies, I have resolved to make the most of every day so that another 19 years don't fly by and I turn 50 without having achieved much in life. So as from today, I am back to my routine of waking up before dawn every day - come rain, come sunshine.

Today, unlike in the '90s when I used to bake cakes, I won't feast on any special meal or host a party in my den to celebrate my birthday. Instead, I will reflect on the following 31 lessons I have learnt in life as I turn 31:
  1. Rising early is the key not only to personal effectiveness but also to peace of mind.
  2. Greet each day with a smile and be grateful for it.
  3. I am a late-bloomer and there is nothing wrong with that because, as Sharon Olds said, anyone who blooms at all is very lucky.
  4. Things are not always as easy as some people put it.
  5. Nobody gets it right the first time (maybe apart from geniuses of whom there are too few).
  6. No one is perfect. Everybody makes mistakes, so try to profit from yours.
  7. Praying helps. God exists.
  8. Man hatches plans in his mind but it's the Lord's will that prevails.
  9. It's not good to have zeal without knowledge.
  10. Having knowledge, wisdom and insight saves time, energy and money.
  11. A wise person takes pleasure in understanding but a fool delights in airing his own opinions.
  12. The Bible is not a piously stuffy tome but an inspiring manual with scientific procedure for successful living.
  13. Everybody's path in life is different.
  14. Stop worrying and trust divine providence.
  15. Avoid comparing yourself with others. It's because we are different that each of us is special.
  16. People who say hurtful things are themselves hurting
  17. There will always be haters and harsh critics as we journey in life. Let them not disturb your peace.
  18. Be kind because the people you meet could be fighting tough battles you know nothing about.
  19. Be assertive at times.
  20. People can't just be judged by their worst or weakest moment.
  21. Read the best books. Interact with high-achieving individuals. But learn to be happy alone.
  22. Mind your business. Run your own race.
  23. Trust your intuition.
  24. Don't trust your memory. Write the idea down as soon as it pops up in the mind.
  25. Count your blessings regularly as an anti-dote to the blues and the negative thoughts that keeping on popping up in the mind.
  26. Be prepared.
  27. Whatever is worth doing takes longer to achieve than you think.
  28. Not all rich people are successful
  29. He who refreshes others will refresh himself as well.
  30. People are different. Like some are helpful; others are not.
  31. Life is like that - incomprehensible and full of surprises.
There you have them: that is, the 31 lessons I have learnt in life so far. I hope you have enjoyed going through the list, haven't you? And this being the last day of 2018, I want to thank you for visiting my blog in the course of the year. It has been nice having you around here and I am looking forward to even more visits from you in the coming year. May your 2019 be full of God's blessings and protection. Adieu!


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Prayers God Didn't Answer

With permission, I have extracted this picture-quote from 101 Powerful Affirmations. All rights reserved worldwide.

In my previous story in this lovely blog of mine, I wrote about my prayers that God answered in 2018. Today, I thought it wise to share with you the ones He didn't answer because it's a fact that God doesn't always fulfil all our requests.

The first prayer, and which I consider the most important, that God didn't answer was connecting me to my future wife. I really wanted to fall in love and get engaged in 2018; to have someone with whom to walk with in this crazy journey called life.

Early in the year, I wrote what I wanted in my future wife. I first began by listing her physical traits. They are:
  • Beautiful face
  • Sweet voice
  • Attractive hips and breasts
Then I listed some of the hobbies I would want in my future wife. They are:
  • Writing (which obviously means she reads)
  • Exercising
  • Singing/Playing a musical instrument
And then I listed her values and qualities which I am always striving to cultivate in myself as well:
  • Honest
  • Loyal
  • A Christian
  • Righteous (spiritual nature)
  • Practises healthy living
  • Unconditional love
  • Respectful
  • A good listener
  • Fun/charming/good sense of humour
  • Will make me laugh everyday
  • Good mother/good with children
  • Will support me in my pursuits/goals in life
  • Will make time for me and will want the best for me in life
Maybe my future wife might not turn out to be exactly what I expect her to be but I am still trusting God that He will connect me to her. I am now praying about her daily.

And as I pray for that divine connection, I am keeping in mind the advice of H. Jackson Brown Jr. in his inspiring Life's Little Instructions Book. He advised:
Choose your life's mate carefully. From this one decision will come ninety percent of your happiness or misery.
My other prayer that God didn't answer this year was composing inspirational songs. It has always been my dream to produce songs that will be aired in the radio; songs that people will hum again and again as they commute to work. I did try to produce such songs in 2015 but they didn't hit; a further proof that things don't always work out as planned. But I still haven't given up on the dream.

Of late, I have been telling God daily through prayer to help me come up with a song that has a beautiful melody and inspiring lyrics. I have also been praying that He may avail money for its production and connect me to a producer who will be fun to work with. What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer!

My dear reader, I want to let you know that I believe there's always a reason for close doors, unanswered prayers and blocked roads. And I agree with whoever said that some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers. So I am not mad with God for not responding to those two requests of mine to connect me to my soul-mate and produce inspirational songs. Instead, I am just trusting that He has better things in store for me.

Before I finish my story, let me take this opportunity to wish you a refreshing festive season. May this Christmas cleanse your mind and soul of all that assaults your being and bring you to a life of renewed hope and inspiration. Adieu!


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