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What I Am Now Praying For

Squatting and second from right in the photo above is me after an evangelism graduation ceremony at All Saints' Cathedral in Nairobi, circa August 2008. The evangelism course encouraged me to read and believe in the Bible.

During one of the classes in the evangelism course I took in 2008, a gentleman named Jared Ogutu advised us to keep a list of prayer requests to track how God fulfils our needs. I liked that advice so much that I implemented it thrice. That was in the years 2012, 2015 and 2017.

I still have the lists of prayer requests I wrote in those three years stashed somewhere in my laptop. While going through the list I wrote in 2012, I discovered that God only answered two prayers: acquiring a piano keyboard and landing a part-time piano teaching job.

While going through the list I wrote in 2015, I found out that I had changed some of the goals I wanted God to help me achieve. Like I no longer desire to be a newspaper columnist; I just want to be posting entertaining stories as well as songs in this blog of mine.

And while going through the list I wrote in 2017, I realized that God only answered my prayer on losing weight because I became lean towards the end of that year and well into 2018. Unfortunately, for lack of regular exercise and for eating a lot, I have gained weight again in the past six months.

Today, I have come up with a new list of prayer requests. Okay, let me tell you what it entails.

First in my new list of prayer requests is that I loose the excess weight I have gained in the past six months. In addition to praying about it, I have resolved to be eating moderately and exercising daily. I believe with such kind of praying and hard-work, I will have lost weight and regained my youthful looks by April 1st. Watch this space!

Second is that I develop a good self-esteem most of the time. I have included self-esteem in my list of prayer requests because I sometimes suffer from moments of excessive guilt - nameless, unreasoning, unjustified guilt which paralyses needed efforts to convert retreat into advance. With a sound self-esteem, I believe I will find it easier to achieve my goals.

Third in my list of prayer requests is to be posting entertaining stories and inspiring songs in this blog. And I believe when I achieve that goal consistently, I will attract the tens of thousands of blog visitors per day required to make a liveable income from blogging.

Fourth is for God to bless my parents and siblings with long life and good health. I am praying that He may protect them in danger, prosper them in all things good and that they may live to see me walk down the aisle with my princess charming.

Fifth is that I may meet my soul-mate/future wife in the course of this year. I am praying she turns out to be a young woman of charm and brains who loves God and people as I do.

Sixth in my new list of prayer requests is that I will have built my own home and gotten married by June 2022 when the next FIFA World Cup will be held. And as I have said, I am praying that my parents and siblings may live long enough to see me accomplish that dream.

Last but not least is that I may grow in knowledge and skill everyday. When praying for knowledge, I usually utter the following inspiring prayer I came across in the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin some years back:
Father of light and life, thou good supreme!
O teach me what is good, teach me Thyself!
Save me from folly, vanity and vice,
From every low pursuit and fill my soul,
With knowledge, conscious peace and virtue pure;
Sacred, substantial, never-fading bliss! [1]
Enough about me. How about you, my beloved reader? Have you ever thought of keeping a list of prayer requests to track how God fulfils your needs? If not, why not give it a try? Over to you!

[1] I have extracted this inspiring prayer from page 81 in the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, published in 1998 by Penn State University.


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How I Came to Believe in the Bible

With permission, I have extracted this picture-quote from Beliefnet.com. All rights reserved worldwide.

Having been brought up a Catholic, I attended mass every Sunday as a boy in my home-town catholic church where I not only had catechism classes but also learnt to play the piano. I continued attending church in high school at Starehe Boys' Centre where all Catholic students were required to be in mass every Sunday.

To be honest, I can't remember giving much thought to the Bible and its teachings as a teenager even though I attended church religiously every Sunday. All I know is that I read it so that I could pass my exams in Christian Religious Education (CRE) subject that we studied at school.

In my late teens during my time in Starehe Institute when I started giving thought to issues in life, I began to doubt the literary accuracy of the Bible. But despite my diminishing faith in the Bible as the inerrant Word of God, I continued attending church at my home-town Catholic parish. I used to sneak out of Starehe early in the morning every Sunday to be in the church where I was part of the parish's youth group.

And you know what? I never hid my diminishing faith in the Bible from my fellow youth church members. I used to engage them in lively debates during which I suggested Jesus was a fictional legend. What I find admirable in my fellow youth church members back then is that they tolerated and accepted me even though I was weak in faith, just as St. Paul advises Christians in Romans 14:1. The youth members even elected me as their choir-master in December 2006 despite my unbelief.

Come April 2007 when I left Starehe Institute and before matriculating at JKUAT, I decided to find a new church in Nairobi I could be attending when I was at the university. I visited two catholic churches but somehow, they didn't click with me. Then one Sunday that April, I went to All Saints' Cathedral in Nairobi even though I was a Catholic. And wow! The warm reception I received in cathedral instantly hooked me to the church. I came to love and enjoy being part of the cathedral's 9.30am English service choir.

When I joined the cathedral's choir, I thought I could engage its members in the same sort of arguments about the Bible that I had involved youth members in my previous church. How mistaken I was! The choir operated on a different set of rules. It required that I stay on probation for one month after which I would have an interview with its committee members.

And do you know what the choir interview entailed? It was just a confirmation that I believed in the Bible and in Jesus Christ as the Son of God. I flopped my interview because the committee members who grilled me sensed I didn't believe that much in the Bible. And one of them remarked that I wasn't clear-headed.

Even though I wasn't permitted to sing in the choir at the end of my one-month probation period, I continued attending church in the cathedral every Sunday and fell in love with Anglican hymns. And gradually, I came to believe in the Bible as the inerrant Word of God.

These days, I study the Bible regularly and give thought to what it says. Like I am currently working on my sleeping habits to make them in tune to what the Word of God says. My goal is to know and understand the Bible so much that I lead a life of constant victory: a life of joy, peace and prosperity.

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