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"The only way that we can live, is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. The only way that we can change is if we learn. The only way we can learn is if we are exposed. And the only way that we can become exposed is if we throw ourselves out into the open. Do it. Throw yourself."— C. JoyBell C.

How I Was Once Robbed

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I still remember that night in 2011 as if it were yesterday. That night, I was feeling high in spirits like teenagers in a rock concert. In my excitement, I switched on my Dad's computer here at home and began listening to Catholic hymns. The hymns moved me so deeply that I sang alongside the computer recordings. As I enjoyed the hymns, Mum came into my room to find out why I was singing aloud. She found that behaviour abnormal.

Mum must have annoyed me for interfering with my excitement because as soon as she began talking to me, I picked a bottle of water, left home and went to a neighbouring place where I continued talking aloud to myself. I really was feeling high, but not as a result of taking drugs or alcohol. It was a natural high I felt occasionally due to bipolar disorder - a mental illness I used to suffer from before Jesus healed me.

Unbeknownst to me, there happened to have been a man who was observing me that night as I talked to myself while moving about like a hen that has just laid an egg. When I eventually spotted the man, I approached him and greeted him cordially. But alas! The man suddenly turned hostile towards me.

Although I was dressed smartly in a tie, the man mistook me for a thief. He thought I was plotting to steal from someone or commit a crime in the area. I tried to appease him by informing him I was a resident of the area and that my home was not far from where we were. But he still couldn't take me at my word. He continued interrogating me in a stern, harsh manner like a policeman.

What's worse, he thought the bottle I had in my hand was an alcoholic drink. I told him frankly that it was water. And when he couldn't believe it, I asked him to smell it. Even though the bottle didn't smell like the alcohol he thought it was, the man was still convinced I was a criminal. After he threatened to take me to the police, I became alarmed, for I feared what had occurred to me a few months before might happen to me again.

You see, a few months before that night, I had run away from home. When I was finally caught, I was forcefully taken to a clinic where I was diagnosed with a mental illness, injected with a drug that drove me to sleep and admitted to the clinic for a week or two. It was such a heart-rending experience.

Not wanting another similar admission to hospital on that night the man found me talking to myself in a place not far from home, I was ready to do anything to let him make me go back home scot-free. So when he asked me whether I had any money in my pocket, I readily gave him all I had - a mixture of coins and a note that amounted to about Ksh. 85.

Encouraged by my submissiveness, the man also asked me for my phone. I gave it to him, hoping that he would leave me alone. When I handed him my phone, he took out my SIM card and inserted his into the phone. After he inserted his SIM card and started dialling something on the phone, I became worried that he might call someone in authority. But guess what! All he did was slap me in the face while commanding me to disappear from the scene.

I obeyed the man and ran back home where I found my parents preparing to have supper. Trying to appear calm, I joined them without mentioning a word about what had transpired to me. A day or two later, I felt bitter in my soul as I pondered on how the man had easily robbed me of my money and phone while thinking he was doing right. I thought to myself that I should have acted more courageously by being tough on the man as he was on me.

Because the man interrogated and robbed me at night, I didn't make out his face. So I never recognized him if I ever met him again in broad daylight. Given how embittered I felt, I am sure I would have challenged him to a fight if I had had another encounter with him. Thankfully, I have long since gotten over that bitterness. But I will never forget the sly and cruel manner in which the man took advantage of me and walked off with my money and my most prized possession: my phone, that is.

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Sharing Knowledge

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A story is told in the Bible of a boy who attended a crusade led by the young Jewish rabbi, Jesus Christ. Before leaving his home for the crusade, the boy packed two small fish and five loaves of bread for lunch. The crusade progressed swimmingly with Jesus speaking gems of wisdom and performing miraculous deeds that amazed the crowd that had gathered around him.

When evening came that day, the disciples of Jesus were at a loss as to what they should do with the crowd that had become as hungry as a hunter. They suggested to Jesus that he disperses the hungry crowd of people to their homes. But Jesus asked them if there was anyone in the crowd with food. It turned out that the boy who had carried two small fish and five loaves of bread was the only one with something to eat. How wise it had been for him to carry some food!

The disciples approached the boy and requested him to share his lunch with Jesus. Being wise, the boy willingly gave out his fish and bread to Jesus. And guess what! Jesus multiplied the two small fish and five loaves of bread to a large amount that was enough to feed the crowd. Even after the crowd had eaten enough, there was still some fish and bread left which everyone in the crowd took home.

I am sure the boy who shared his lunch with Jesus took to his home more fish and bread than he had carried to the crusade that day. And when he reached home with a lot of fish and bread in his hands, his mother must have prodded him into telling her more about the events of that day and how Jesus had multiplied two small fish and five loaves of bread. It truly was a miracle.

That biblical story of the boy giving out his lunch to Jesus inspires me to share what I have with others. And I usually share what I have with the belief that God will repay me for my kindness by blessing me with more just as the boy got more fish and loaves of bread than he gave to Jesus.

Don't get me wrong: I don't mean to say I share everything I have. No. There are some things I never give out to others. My toothbrush is one of them. My favourite books are another, for I like keeping them in my room for future re-reading.

One of the things I passionately share with others is my knowledge. I love sharing my insights, learnings and experiences with people through this blog. And my greatest joy these days is when someone out there appreciates a story I share on this blog.

I have come to discover that knowledge is like money in that it means little when we just accumulate it but becomes meaningful and fulfilling when we put it to use and share it with others. And the beauty of sharing knowledge is the clarity it brings to our thinking.

As I grow older and wiser, I will continue sharing my insights, learnings and experiences with others. I am particularly looking forward to when I will be in my eighties, God willing, because I will then have amassed a lot of insights on life which I will share with the young generation like the way a Kenyan billionaire named Chris Kirubi does. Allow me to tell you a little about Chris Kirubi.

During my high school years at Starehe Boys' Centre, there was an evening Chris Kirubi came to address us in the assembly hall. All I remember is him telling us about the companies he had invested in. Because he sounded boastful in his speech to us, the impression I had of Chris Kirubi after that evening was a showy billionaire who just loves bragging about his wealth.

But alas! After following Chris Kirubi on Twitter a few years ago, I was pleasantly surprised to find him a humble person who likes sharing his knowledge with others, especially with young people beginning their entrepreneurial journey. He draws some of his advice from his illustrious career as a businessman, a career that has had its share of ups and downs. Such is the kind of advice I look forward to sharing when I am in my eighties, God willing.

My dear reader, I beseech you to also share your knowledge with others. If you've overcome a challenge, successfully set up a business or seen God answer your prayers, share your insights and experiences with the fainting multitude. You can write a book, launch a blog, compose a song, become a newspaper columnist or host a show on radio or television. By sharing your knowledge, blessings will come to you multiplied just like it happened to the wise boy who gave out his two small fish and five loaves of bread to Jesus. Adieu!

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Sharing is Caring

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It takes so much time to research, write and edit the stories and videos in this blog. If you do find any joy in going through them, please consider supporting the author with a donation of any amount - anything from buying him a cuppa to treating him to a good dinner. Thanks to everyone who is contributing; you rock!

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