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The Almighty God vs. the Devil

To the earthly human eyes, the sun and the moon appear to be of equal size. But the truth is - the two are entirely different in their stature.

On the one hand, the sun is massive and very massive indeed. It possesses 99.9% of the mass in the solar system which is why all planets in the solar system revolve round the sun. It also produces enormous amounts of energy without which life on earth would be impossible. And so intense is its energy that gazing at the midday sun results in eyesight complications.

On the other hand, the moon is celestially-speaking just a tiny round piece of rock. It is so tiny that it has to depend on earth in its revolution round our planet. And the moon never produces its own light; it just reflects the portion it receives from the sun.

While the sun is always spherical and rises every morning, the moon keeps on changing shapes and disappears during new-moon days. And when the sun shines, the moon is overwhelmed out of sight.

I have narrated those scientific facts because of the parallels between the stature of the Sun vs. the moon and the stature of the Almighty God vs. the devil. Let me explain.

God is a mighty supernatural being who remains the same in every age and is always with us every day. It is due to His power that we exist. He is the source of light without which we lead miserable lives. And when we allow Him into our lives, the devil is overwhelmed out of action.

On the other hand, the devil is a weak being who derives his power from God. And he depends on us human beings for his satisfaction. The devil - how weak he is!

Can you see the parallels between the sun vs. the moon and the Almighty God vs. the devil? Let us therefore resist the devil and turn to God by shunning wickedness and doing right.


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On Taking Advantage of Others

On my way to work early in the morning last year, I was in a mini-bus whose driver seemed to disrespect other people's business by driving past other vehicles stuck in heavy traffic - what Kenyans call overlapping.

As the driver drove past the endless stream of slow-moving vehicles, I thought, "Why is this driver overlapping? What makes him think his business is more important than the business of people in the vehicles he is overlapping? If he really needed to get to his destination early, why did he not wake up early? Taking advantage of others is not good."

That final sentence - taking advantage of others - set me thinking. It reminded me of how other people take advantage of others. Like you will find a "senior" person sending a farm boy for a packet of milk which he doesn't share with the farm boy. Or a man sending a child to talk to a woman he is afraid of approaching.

We have a responsibility as human beings to never take advantage of others. When asking for help, let us do so politely and not forcefully. When employing people, let us not only be concerned with generating money for ourselves but also with how the employees will benefit - financially, emotionally and physically.

You see, this world is full of people who love money and use people. Let us strive to be different by loving people and using money. Spot the difference!


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The 3 Primary Sins

Science tells us that there exists only three primary colors out of which all other colors are made by combining and varying the primary colors. White is the presence of the three primary colors in equal proportion while black is their absence.

Similarly, I tend to think there exists only three primary sins out of which all other sins arise - be it dishonesty, anger, theft, debauchery, slander, rape, murder or bribery. The three primary sins are:
  1. Sloth
  2. Greed
  3. Lust
Of how we can conquer those three primary sins is something I cannot authoritatively write about because I have committed them occasionally this month. But I am of the opinion that victory over them is achieved through knowledge, love, faith and responsibility.

So let us commit ourselves to the acquisition of knowledge no matter our age. Knowledge will lead us to love; love will lead us to faith; and faith will lead us to responsibility. And along that process, we will end up conquering the three primary sins; a victory that will usher us to the godly living that leads to eternal life.


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