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Scientific Proof That You Matter

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My dear reader, first of all, congrats for reading this story of mine because to be alive in the 21st Century is no joke. You are a product of a long series of evolution and reproduction that scientists claim began 3.8 billion years ago, right from primitive single-cell animals to the civilized man that you are today. The fact that you are here means none of your ancestors was killed before passing on a tiny sperm to an ovum that made you possible. And you survived the fragile infancy years thanks to your mother.

Don't be tempted to think that you will always be strong and healthy because, like it or not, you are going to die in the next couple of decades or even tomorrow. But if you really wish to continue living for the next 50 million years, then you must be willing to evolve; like you should be ready to develop protruding eyeballs, elongated ears and a razor-thin tongue.

That's, of course, the gospel according to Science. But if you believe in the gospel according to John as I do, then you just have to believe that you will die; that Christ will come again to raise the living and the dead for final judgement.

Back to Science, scientists say that you are made up of infinitesimally small atoms which are themselves not alive. In fact, the atoms that make you don't know that you are alive. They are just mindless particles that will move on to make other things when you die. And interestingly, the same atoms that make you are the same atoms that fail to make life in all the other planets of the solar system and perhaps even beyond. That's, of course, the miracle of life which makes me believe in the Bible.

To make the story more interesting, scientists say that of all the species of living things that have existed on earth, 99.99% of them are now extinct. So we seem to be living in a planet that is good at sustaining life but even better at extinguishing it.

As you can see, being alive in the 21st Century is no joke. So you matter, your opinions deserve attention and as the award-winning actress Lupita Nyong'o put it, your dreams are valid.


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Homage to Sir Isaac Newton

I have extracted this photo-quote from Quotefancy.com. All rights reserved worldwide.

Do you recall from your high school classes learning of gravity? Of motion? Of heat energy? And of white light as being composed of a spectrum of several colours?

If you can't recollect all that, let me jog your memory a little bit by informing you that the man behind all those discoveries of nature that led to the industrial revolution in the 18th Century was none other than the great genius: Sir Isaac Newton.

And there is more that Newton discovered, invented, explored and expressed in depth. He not only formulated the laws of cooling, gravitation and planetary motion but also invented Calculus, the branch of Mathematics without which we would have no radios, computers, smart-phones or space-crafts. Was Newton not a great genius for shizzle?

A further proof of Newton's greatness was revealed on one occasion when he was serving in the British Parliament in his sunset years. Legend has it that during that occasion, the parliament was frenetic with noises of debates and arguments. But when Newton stood up, the whole assembly went dead with pin-drop silence. Everybody was keen to hear what the great Newton, who had hitherto never uttered a word in parliamentary proceedings, would say. Guess what Newton said? He just asked an usher to close a window because it was chilly and then he sat down.

I personally came to instinctively admire Newton in my high school years which led me to make his name the password of my first email account I opened in 2004 with the then ubiquitous Yahoo Inc. That day I opened that email address, I felt a pride of achievement which I expressed to my immediate elder brother Paddy.

"So what's your email password," Paddy inquired.

"It is SirIsaacNewton," I responded with probably an air of pride.

To which Paddy reprimanded me, "You are never supposed to share that password with anyone." I felt slightly embarrassed for sharing the password with him but the lesson hit home.

Later on in 2008 when I was at the university in JKUAT where I was pursuing a degree in Electronics & Computer Engineering, I tried to develop an imaginative, inventive and effervescent mind as that of Newton by spending a lot of time in the university's bucolic fields. On noting how I spent much of my time in those fields reading and reflecting, one casual labourer warned me that the fields were infested with snakes. I didn't heed his warning because I went on roaming in the fields where I lay on the grass one night while gazing at the same moon and stars that Newton had observed a few centuries earlier. Luckily for me, probably because of God's love for me, no snake bit me.

I am still a votary of Sir Isaac Newton though I am quite unsure whether I will ever match his greatness. Maybe I will if God gives me a hope and a future as He promises in the Book of Jeremiah.


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