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How God Answered My Prayer

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The memory of those early hours of the night remain indelibly printed on my mind. It was on a Thursday in 2008 - that's roughly ten years ago. I had gone for choir practice at All Saints' Cathedral in Nairobi when my fellow chorister Michael Njeru lent me his piano keyboard for me to practise hymns from the comfort of my home. As I left the cathedral with the keyboard in my hands, I began to worry what I would do with it when I reached my home-town of Kiserian.

You see, my home is about three kilometres from Kiserian Town and at that time, the now cheap motorbike riders (locally known as boda boda) had yet to begin plying the route. My worry sprang from a fear that I could get mugged as I walked home from Kiserian in those early hours of the night.

A decade earlier in the '90s when I was a child, I had been mugged by two boys as I walked on that route from Kiserian to home on a Sunday afternoon. The boys approached me from behind, snatched from me in a split-second a carton I was carrying and ran away with it.

And here I was on a Thursday night in 2008 about to walk on that same route while carrying the piano keyboard that my fellow chorister Michael Njeru had lent me. If I got mugged, I could destroy the trust Michael had of me. And how I would have hated to part with such a precious possession as a piano keyboard!

Because I had been taught the power of prayer, I decided to turn my predicament over to God through prayers. So as I walked from the cathedral to the matatu station where I would board a matatu to Rongai Town, I asked the Lord to provide a solution as to what I would do with the piano keyboard when I reached Kiserian Town.

Guess what! When I reached Rongai Town and boarded another matatu that was to finally take me to Kiserian, I found myself in the same vehicle with a neighbour called Prof. Nyagah. I greeted him after which we exchanged a few pleasantries.

And guess what again! After we arrived safely in Kiserian Town, Prof. Nyagah hired a taxi and asked me to get inside. Then he had the taxi driver drop me right at the gate of our home. Yippee! I had been saved from the possibility of getting mugged!

As I alighted from the taxi, I thanked Prof. Nyagah for his generosity but I didn't let him know that God had used him to answer my prayer. And as I reflect on those early hours of that night during which God heard my prayers, I am feeling encouraged to turn my concerns and cares over to God. Adieu!


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Scientific Proof That You Matter

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My dear reader, first of all, congrats for reading this story of mine because to be alive in the 21st Century is no joke. You are a product of a long series of evolution and reproduction that scientists claim began 3.8 billion years ago, right from primitive single-cell animals to the civilized man that you are today. The fact that you are here means none of your ancestors was killed before passing on a tiny sperm to an ovum that made you possible. And you survived the fragile infancy years thanks to your mother.

Don't be tempted to think that you will always be strong and healthy because, like it or not, you are going to die in the next couple of decades or even tomorrow. But if you really wish to continue living for the next 50 million years, then you must be willing to evolve; like you should be ready to develop protruding eyeballs, elongated ears and a razor-thin tongue.

That's, of course, the gospel according to Science. But if you believe in the gospel according to John as I do, then you just have to believe that you will die; that Christ will come again to raise the living and the dead for final judgement.

Back to Science, scientists say that you are made up of infinitesimally small atoms which are themselves not alive. In fact, the atoms that make you don't know that you are alive. They are just mindless particles that will move on to make other things when you die. And interestingly, the same atoms that make you are the same atoms that fail to make life in all the other planets of the solar system and perhaps even beyond. That's, of course, the miracle of life which makes me believe in the Bible.

To make the story more interesting, scientists say that of all the species of living things that have existed on Earth, 99.99% of them are now extinct. So we seem to be living in a planet that is good at sustaining life but even better at extinguishing it.

As you can see, being alive in the 21st Century is no joke. So you matter, your opinions deserve attention and as the award-winning actress Lupita Nyong'o put it, your dreams are valid.


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