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"The only way that we can live, is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. The only way that we can change is if we learn. The only way we can learn is if we are exposed. And the only way that we can become exposed is if we throw ourselves out into the open. Do it. Throw yourself."— C. JoyBell C.

How to Lose Weight Safely & Quickly

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In my previous story on this lovely blog of mine, I narrated of how delighted I have been for having shed stubborn extra kilos in my body. And I promised to share tips on how to lose weight safely and quickly. That's what I will do today.

Well, gaining excess weight is easy; you just feast on a lot of food till you are satiated while leading a sedentary lifestyle. But losing weight isn't easy, I tell you; it takes a lot of discipline and hard work. If you are currently overweight, below are the steps you can take to shed those extra kilos in your body:
  1. Develop a burning desire to lose weight: This is the first step you need to take and it's all mental. An effective way of developing a burning desire to lose weight is to imagine yourself getting pictured in your ideal weight two months from now and then sharing the photos on social media. Trust me, that will psyche you up to lose weight. And the desire will keep you going even on bad days when you just don't feel like taking any step towards losing weight.

  2. Involve God in your weight loss plan: If you believe in God as I do, then I suggest that you let Him know through prayers that you desire to lose weight. Remember He is the one who gave you the gift of life and He holds the future. So take a moment everyday to pray for your plans for losing weight. And don't forget to express gratitude to God once your efforts begin to bear fruit.

  3. Reduce food intake: Once you have made up your mind to cut weight, reducing food intake is one of the other steps you need to take to achieve your goal. Don't overfill your plate with food. Just eat moderately and don't go for second helpings. In case you don't feel full after finishing your meal, drink a cup or two of water and that will make your stomach feel full. Also, I recommend that you avoid deep-fried foods like chips and mandazi. Instead go for such healthier meals as vegetables and brown bread.

  4. Eat at regular intervals: I don't recommend skipping meals as part of your plan to lose weight. Skipping meals will leave you feeling very hungry and force you to overeat during the next meal. Instead, eat moderately only in the morning, noontime and evening (breakfast, lunch and supper). In case you feel hungry in between the meals, drink water and that will ward off pangs of hunger.

    If you are a compulsive eater as I once was, you might find it hard to change your eating habits to what I have recommended. But just try following my suggestions and I can assure you that after a few weeks, you will get used to eating moderately at regular intervals.

  5. Get into a physical exercise program: In addition to reducing food intake, getting into a physical exercise program is another must-do if you are to lose weight safely and quickly. I recommend that you go for jogging and walking for at least five kilometres everyday.

    When Bill Clinton was Arkansas Governor in the '80s, he loved jogging in the morning before heading to work, and that was convenient for him. As for me, I find evenings to be the best times for exercising. So I usually go for jogging and walking at around 5.00pm for one hour. And I still manage to sleep soundly at night. Similarly, identify a time that is convenient for you to exercise and stick to it.

    If you are employed, then you have to make your exercise program fit into your job schedule. You can walk more on your way to work instead of using vehicles, such as by parking your car about three kilometres from your office. If you work in a high-rise building, you can use the stairs instead of elevators.

    Note that if your exercise program is to make you lose weight, it has to be done consistently. Don't jog for three days and rest for five days, then jog for two days and rest for four days and expect yourself to cut weight. It doesn't work that way. Consistency is the key.

  6. Have enough sleep at night: If you are to lose weight safely, you need to sleep well at night because I remember reading somewhere that sleep deprivation causes weight gain. I am yet to understand the science behind that fact, but why not listen to the experts?

  7. Grow your mind and spirit: While losing weight is all physical, don't forget to nurture your mind and spirit as that will help avert the boredom that can tempt you to eat in between meals. An excellent way of growing your mind and spirit is by reading inspiring literature instead of watching the telly. If you don't enjoy reading, it's because you haven't found the right books yet.
There you have them: that is, tips on how to lose weight safely and quickly. They worked for me, so they can also do the same for you if you are currently overweight. And once you lose weight as I have done, you will still need to keep working hard in order to maintain your ideal weight.

Even though it takes a lot of discipline and hard work to lose weight and maintain a lean physique, it's worth it in the end since you will live longer and healthier if you stay on the thinner side as that will reduce the risk of getting stroke, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and some other ailments. You will also look more beautiful and attractive when you are lean than when you are plump. That's all I am saying.

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Lost Weight; Alleluia!

This is me in my den yesterday. Man, don't I look young and handsome?

How are you, my dear reader? I trust all is well with you and that you are having the hope to cope with the way the coronavirus is changing the way we live, work and relate with others. As for me, I am super-awesome, and I am delighted to report that I have lost weight and regained my youthful swagger.

If you don't know my story, I first gained excess weight sometime in the year 2008 when I was admitted at JKUAT hospital where I did nothing but eat and sleep. Whenever I met old friends after I was discharged from the hospital, some of them would remark on how big I had grown. Even my siblings made similar remarks. My immediate elder brother Paddy for instance, worriedly commented at one time in December 2008 on how puffy my cheeks were.

Since that year 2008, I have battled to lose my weight, sometimes successfully, sometimes unsuccessfully. And the reason I have battled to lose weight is because I don't like looking like a flabby fuddy-duddy. I love looking young and youthful, just like the way my hero Barack Obama looked when he was gunning for the U.S. presidency in 2008.

There was a time I had grown so plump that whenever I went to a photo studio to have myself pictured, I would come out feeling dissatisfied with what the cameras had captured. I was just way too big to be called a young man yet I was in my twenties!

Sometime in 2016, a primary school classmate of mine named Macharia confirmed my fears that I had indeed gained excess weight when we met in my hometown of Kiserian and he brusquely commanded me in Kikuyu, "You are too heavy. Do some exercises man!"

That excess weight that I had made me worry about how I would feel if I got featured in the media for something excellent I had done as it has always been my dream. I am sure it would have lowered my self-esteem to see myself in the newspapers in such kind of elephantine shape.

Which is why I am delighted, and very delighted indeed, to report that I have lost weight and regained my youthful swagger. I can now confidently share my latest photos as I have done above. Also, I am now unafraid to produce a video for each of the hymns I am planning to compose, God willing. And how elated I would feel to see the videos aired on TV!

Having known how demoralizing it is to be plump, I have resolved to maintain the leanness of my body by eating moderately and exercising daily for the rest of my life in this grand and beautiful planet. I know from my past experiences that if I slacken a bit by feasting on too much food without exercising, I will easily gain weight like a balloon being inflated with air.

Yes, I will strive to maintain the leanness of my body for the rest of my life. Hopefully, those who will observe my body before I am laid to rest in my grave will utter a description of my physique similar to the following one about the body of Wolfgang von Goethe that was written by Johann Peter Eckermann in the year of our Lord 1832:
The morning after Goethe's death, a deep desire seized me to look once again upon his earthly garment. His faithful servant, Frederick, opened for me the chamber in which he was laid out. Stretched upon his back, he reposed as if asleep; profound peace and security reigned in the features of his sublimely noble countenance. The mighty brow seemed yet to harbour thoughts. I wished for a lock of his hair; but reverence prevented me from cutting it off. The body lay naked, only wrapped in a white sheet; large pieces of ice had been placed near it, to keep it fresh as long as possible. Frederick drew aside the sheet, and I was astonished at the divine magnificence of the limbs. The breast was powerful, broad, and arched; the arms and thighs were elegant, and of the most perfect shape; nowhere, on the whole body, was there a trace of either fat or of leanness and decay. A perfect man lay in great beauty before me; and the rapture the sight caused me made me forget for a moment that the immortal spirit had left such an abode. I laid my hand on his heart - there was a deep silence - and I turned away to give free vent to my suppressed tears.
That eloquent description of Wolfgang von Goethe's body leads me to believe that von Goethe was a man who never succumbed to such vices as sloth and gluttony when he was alive for him to have had such a perfect body without fat. Such is the kind of productive living I will strive to lead as I work on maintaining a lean body for the rest of my life.

And my dear reader, would you be interested in knowing the tactics I have used to cut my weight? If you are, then stay tuned to this lovely blog of mine because in my next story, I will share tips on how to lose weight safely and quickly. Adieu!

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